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First Reserve
FirstRESERVE is a personal line of credit which gives you direct, convenient access to your credit line should you find yourself in need during these uncertain times. Whether it be for doctor bills, education expenses, overdrafts, or day-to-day expenses—with First United Bank’s FirstRESERVE Personal Line of Credit you’re covered.

How it Works

There are two ways to access your FirstRESERVE Personal Line of Credit:

  • Write a check or use your debit card for a purchase that exceeds the balance in your First United Bank checking account. Sufficient funds will be advanced from your FirstRESERVE account and deposited into your First United Bank checking account, in $100 increments up to your credit limit, to cover the cost of the purchase.
  • By direct advance—Call a Customer Service Representative, ask any Teller, or transfer online from your FirstRESERVE Line of Credit to your First United Bank checking account, in $100 increments up to your credit limit.


No Hassle

Your FirstRESERVE Line of Credit can be there for you when you need it—without hassle.

  •   No set-up fee
  •   No annual fee
  •   No late fee
  •   No over-the-limit fee
  •   Fast review – short approval time
  •   Only pay interest on the money you borrow when using FirstRESERVE


Competitive Interest Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for FirstRESERVE is significantly lower than the rates charged on most major credit cards. It is a variable rate based on the Prime Rate as published in the Southwest Edition of the Wall Street Journal plus 2.9%.


Easy Repayment

When you use your FirstRESERVE Line of Credit, your payments are automatically deducted from your checking account: $25 a month, or 5% of the current outstanding balance, whichever is greater. Of course, you can always pay part or all of your balance at any time. You will receive a monthly statement of your FirstRESERVE account activity.