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Things to Do Once You Move to Your New Home

Things to Do Once You Move to Your New Home
things to do when you buy a new home If you’ve just a bought a home, Congratulations! Making a big purchase (and investment) is something to be proud of. Now that you’ve made it through the whole home buying process, we’ve got a few tips for what to do next.
  1. Secure Your Home. Change locks and garage codes. Look under planters and door mats to see if you can find hidden spare keys. Ask for instruction manuals and codes for electrical systems such as home alarms and garage codes.
  2. Consider Purchasing a Home Warranty. If you do not receive a home warranty purchased by the seller to cover the home’s major systems or appliances, you will need to purchase one after closing. The last thing you want to deal with is a broken dishwasher or HVAC unit. If you did receive a home warranty, it’s a good time to review the specifics, so you’ll know what’s covered and how to file a claim.
  3. Connect the Utilities. Be sure to connect all of your must-have utilities – water, gas, electricity – before you move in. This will help pave the way for a smooth move-in process and ensure you have the essential necessities as your trying to get settled into your new place.
  4. Check Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors. To help ensure your family is safe in their new home, ensure that the home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition. This may include installing fresh batteries or replacing entire units.
  5. Do a Deep Clean. Don’t assume the previous homeowners (or the construction company) did a thorough cleaning of your new home. Instead, spend the first few days thoroughly cleaning your home – inside and out. Pay close attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, but also check your gutters, flowerbeds, dryer vents and the chimney.
  6. Forward Your Old Mail. Contact USPS and instruct them to forward mail from your old address to your new address. You can find a form online to make things easier. Keep in mind, mail forwarding eventually ends, typically after a year. So, it’s important to complete the next step: changing your address EVERYWHERE.
  7. Change Your Address. You have to notify a lot of different places when you get a new address. Your employers need your address for tax forms and other important documents. Amazon needs to know where to deliver your packages! Here is a helpful list to get your started:
    • The DMV. Update your Driver’s License. (Possibly add link?)
    • The IRS. (Fill out Form 8822)
    • Voter Registration
    • Personal & Business Banking
    • Investment Accounts
    • Credit Cards
    • Loan Servicers
    • Insurance Companies
    • Your Employer
    • Doctor’s Offices
    • Online/Ecommerce Retailers
    • Your House of Worship
    • Delivery & Rideshare Apps
    • Subscriptions
  8. Learn Where Everything Is. It seems kind of obvious but take some time to learn where everything is in your house. Check to see if the previous owners labeled the circuit breaker switches. Find your water shut off valve. Know how to open your attic door. Figure out where to replace the HVAC filters.
  9. Set Mortgage & Utilities to Auto-Pay. You’ll likely have a new mortgage payment and new utility payments to go along with your new house. Most Banks, including First United Bank, offer auto-pay for your monthly mortgage payments. This ensures you’ll never miss a payment. Just be sure to cancel the autopay of your previous utility accounts and mortgage if you have one. Then, sign up for autopay for your new home!
  10. Review Your Inspection Report. Once you’re settled in, it’s important to go over your inspection report. If there are repairs that the seller was not contractually obligated to fix, make note of them and put together a plan for tacking the list.
Of course, there are a million things to do, these are just a few important ones to remember. And again – Congratulations on your new home!