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The Spirit of giving started with our founder, Ray M. Bain, and is now a cornerstone of the First United Bank culture. We do more and give more than simply making a profit requires because we’re only as strong as the people and communities we serve.

First United Bank routinely donates time, talents and money to causes and organizations that align with our values and help to sustain and build the communities we serve. Our bankers are empowered to make decisions locally and act in the best interest of their customers.

In 2018, First United Bank gave more than $900,000 to our communities through cash donations, scoreboard advertising, team sponsorships, and community programs and projects.

Outside of the Bank, our employees can be found serving in leadership positions on various board and committees, coaching little league baseball teams, mentoring underserved youth and volunteering for their churches.

General Donation Guidelines:

  • Preference is given to children’s, agricultural, educational or social organizations.
  • Donations may take the form of cash, gift cards, sponsorships, program ads, or volunteers.
  • Donations will only be considered for non-profit, 501(c) (3) organizations.
  • As a general rule, First United Bank will not consider donation requests from a third party raising funds for an organization that we directly support.
  • Generally speaking, organizations are limited to one donation in a single year.

In Good Spirit