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Cash Management

Cash Management

First United Bank offers a robust menu of cash management services designed to help improve cash flow and simplify your accounting. Our secure online banking portal will give you access to products and services that will make managing your cash flow more efficient. Cash management is fully customizable allowing you to set user controls and move money as needed.

Some of its advantages include:

It’s available anytime, anywhere you have Internet access

It is customizable and allows you to set user permissions

Save on bank fees by initiating your own transactions

It’s safe, secure and easy to use

Cash management makes it easy to manage your accounts so you can focus on your business.

Service your accounts easily by:

Performing a checking inquiry to determine the status of a check

Issuing a stop payment on a check at a discounted rate

Canceling a stop payment

Exporting transactions into QuickBooks®, MicrosoftMoney® and BAI or CSV files

With cash management you can:

Pay Bills

Administer Collections

Process EFT Tax Payments

Process ACH Receipts

Initiate Wire Transfers

Process Payroll

Process ACH Payments

Order Currency

Safety & Security

We understand our customers and know that trust is a critical part of our relationship. We also know that you need online access to your money and financial information. Aside from basic precautions you should take in any internet transaction, you don’t need to be too concerned about the safety of banking online. It’s our job to make your interactions convenient and secure. Rest assured that First United Bank has established stringent policies and procedures in all departments related to online banking transactions in order to ensure the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of all information we process online.


Before you access the First United Cash Management system, you are required to enter your personal user ID and password. Without the correct login credentials, you will be unable to view or use any Web pages within the online banking system. After your initial login, you will be required to change your temporary password to ensure confidentiality. You are allowed to change your password at any time. For your protection, we recommend you update your password every 60 to 90 days.

Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport is security software designed to protect personally identifiable information such as online credentials from theft by malware or via phishing attacks. First United Bank offers this software as a free download for our online banking customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Learn more about Cash Management from our list of frequently asked questions:

Cash Management FAQ’s

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