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7 Tips to Protect Your Money during Summer Travel

7 Tips to Protect Your Money during Summer Travel
Summer is finally here and that means you’re likely headed to the beach or the mountains with friends, taking the kids to Disney World, or even traveling abroad. Everyone is ready for a little mental and physical down-time, but it’s important to remember that even as you’re relaxing, scammers are still prowling around for your financial and personal information. Planning ahead and being mindful of your “cyber-surroundings” can help ensure that your summer vacation isn’t derailed. Follow these travel-safety tips to reduce stress and keep your vacation on track:
  1. Enroll in Digital Banking so you can keep an eye on your account quickly, easily and from anywhere.
  2. Before your vacation begins, set up automatic bill pay in the First United Mobile App to ensure that you won’t spend your hard earned time off worrying about that water bill back home that needs to be paid. Setting up automatic bill pay keeps you from having to call and give payment information over the phone, and keeps you from entering payment information online over a public Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Be sure to turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections when they are not in use. This will prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to your device and accessing your personal information.
  4. When you’re away from home, avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots to conduct your banking business. Public Wi-Fi usually doesn’t have encryption; this means cyber criminals within a certain distance can ‘eavesdrop’ on your communications. If you do have to use public Wi-Fi, limit your activities to general searches and don’t visit sites that require your personal data.
  5. Use your mobile wallet with your First United Bank debit card wherever possible. When you do, your account information is encrypted by your smart phone, ensuring that your information is never vulnerable. It’ll even save you a few minutes of fumbling with your wallet so you can get on to your next summer activity!
  6. Use your First United Mobile App to turn your debit card off with a simple tap if you happen to misplace it, then turn it on again once you find it.
  7. Don’t forget to call and let us know before you hit the road! Calling us before you leave will eliminate any difficulty in using your debit card while you travel. If you have any trouble, please call: (855) 382-7827 (FUB-STAR). If you need to reach us after regular business hours, please call (888) 458-8382.
Most importantly, have a great trip! Enjoy your time away with family and friends with the peace of mind that your personal and financial information is safe.