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Cash Management FAQ’s

Cash Management FAQ’s
  • Internet Browser Requirements

    Due to the changing technology and security issues, older versions will not be compatible with our websites or our cash management platform. A list of current browsers that we do support include: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox 27, Chrome 38, and Safari 7 (desktop). Browsers must be updated to these versions, or newer, to access cash management.

  • How do I sign-in to DIGITAL BANKING?

    Go to First United Bank’s website (www.FirstUnited.BANK). Enter your login credentials into the boxes at the top of the page.

  • How do I login to cash management?

    Cash management requires the use of a “Login ID” and a password. The initial password was mailed to you in your online banking Welcome Kit. The Login ID is the primary account number you designated in your online banking enrollment application.

  • How often should a password be changed?

    It is recommended that you change your password often. There is no real requirement to change a password for cash management, but for your protection, we recommend a new password every 60 to 90 days.

  • What are the requirements for a password?
        • Minimum password length of 8 characters is enforced;
        • Characters from three of the following four categories may be used:
        • English uppercase characters (A-Z)
        • English lowercase characters (a-z)
        • Base 10 digits (0-9)
        • Non-alphanumeric characters (e.g.,!@#$%^&*, etc.)
  • What should I do if I forget my password?

    Contact a customer service representative at First United Bank who will in turn contact the Data Processing Department. They will send you a new “temporary” password via eMail. For security purposes, this you will be required to change your temporary password upon your first (next) login.

  • How are accounts related on the system?

    Accounts are related to your online banking system profile using the Customer Information File (CIF) at First United Bank. If you have multiple accounts on a CIF, those accounts will be related to your primary account after you have enrolled in the online banking system.

  • Can other accounts (not in the natural relationship) be added to my profile?

    Yes. Other accounts that are not naturally related may be added to the online banking profile. First United Bank will make every effort to insure that security is not compromised in adding additional accounts to your relationship.

  • Can I export my account history into my accounting software?

    You can export checking and savings account history into financial software such as Quicken® and Microsoft Money®. You can also export checking and savings account history into a spreadsheet.

  • What is SSL?

    SSL is an acronym, which stands for Secure Socket Layer. Netscape Corporation has created the best-known secure server technologies. It uses a security protocol called Secure Socket Layer, which provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection. When a client program connects with a secure server, they exchange a “handshake” which initiates a secure session. With this protocol, the same server system can run both secure and insecure web servers simultaneously. This means an organization or company can provide some information to all users using no security, and other information that is secured. For example, a business that sells products online can have their storefront (merchandise catalog) unsecured, but ordering and payment documents or forms can be secure.

  • What is encryption?

    Encryption software acts like the cable converter box on your television set. It scrambles the data with a secret code so that no one can make sense of it while it’s being transmitted. When the data reaches its destination, the same software unscrambles the information.

  • Why is special security part of the Cash Management system?

    The Cash Management system allows a business customer of First United Bank to make ACH payments, wire transfers and payroll transactions. Some businesses have different employees who fulfill the various transactions for an account. The cookie that is placed on a PC for Cash Management purposes will insure that an employee performs their job functions at the same PC every day. They will be unable to log in from home and make transfers. This security is an added benefit to commercial customers.

  • What is a cookie?

    A cookie is a small file sent to your web browser by a web server to record your activities on a particular website.

  • Why does Cash Management use cookies?

    A cookie is another security feature of cash management and is only placed on computers using this feature of the First United online banking system. The cookie placed on the PC is a way for the online banking system to identify the location and the user of the Cash Management system.

To learn more about Cash Management services from First United Bank:

Contact our Customer Service Department at (855) 382-7827 (FUB STAR) and ask to speak with a representative from Electronic Services.