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Season 1, Episode 6: The Power of a Plan

Season 1, Episode 6: The Power of a Plan
Meg Brown

Season One | Episode 6

The Power of a Plan

Megan Brown
Owner, The Rustic Gypsy Boutique

Meg Brown grew up in Hondo, Texas where her farming and ranching family owned a livestock auction. Today, Meg and her husband, Chad, have four children and live in Canyon, Texas.
Meg has always had a passion for redoing and restoring old furniture—and she’s turned her passion into a business! She owns The Rustic Gypsy on the square in Canyon, a boutique that sells mainly home décor, as well as custom paint and women’s clothing.

In this episode, Meg explains the power of a solid business plan, as well as the importance of continuously referencing that business plan. She’ll discuss the importance of recognizing your strengths, but also recognizing your weaknesses and getting help from others that excel in those areas. 

In her episode, Meg speaks highly of the WT Enterprise Center in Amarillo. You can get help from a certified business coach, learn about writing a business plan, and benefit from many different programs and trainings all for free, or at a low cost. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help your business succeed

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First United Bank
The Rustic Gypsy

Meg Brown

Spirit of West Texas

Season 1, Episode 6: The Power of a Plan

Meg Brown



Season One | Small Businesses

Season One of this podcast focuses on small business. We’ll ask our guests to talk about challenges, successes, and helpful hints for keeping the dream alive. Each episode, we’ll explore the people, business and values that embody the never-say-never, get-the-job-done spirit that shines through everywhere you look in West Texas. Join us, as we share untold stories of big dreams and the many struggles and sacrifices that West Texans have gone through to achieve them. We’re getting people talking, so listen in. We hope you’ll learn something and have a little fun along the way.

Host: Amy Punchard, Co-Host: Jared May

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