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Season 3, Episode 2: Beauty in the Dirt!

Season 3, Episode 2: Beauty in the Dirt!
Skyler Richardson, Owner, SkyGardens

Season three | Episode 2

Beauty in the Dirt!

Skyler Richardson
Owner, SkyGardens


What do you do when you’re studying for your LSAT and the uncertainty of the Covid lock down hits? You shift gears and start your own flower company. When Skyler Richardson received a greenhouse as a present from her “Grama” at the age of 7, she had no idea how the gift would affect her in later life. Now with hard work, perseverance, and family support, Skyler has built SkyGardens into a successful farm that supplies flowers to United Market Streets and is enjoyed by fans throughout West Texas.

In this episode, you’ll hear Skyler discuss the value of family, the importance of a good work/life balance, the beauty of sunflowers as well as the joys of living on a farm. Tune into this lively and uplifting podcast and you might even learn a good flower joke.

We’ve got a chance for you to win a Fall Flower Subscription – to enter to win visit our Facebook page and share Skyler’s podcast post. (Drawing will be held April 24th, 2023.)

Skyler Richardson, Owner, SkyGardens

Spirit of West Texas

Season 3, Episode 2: Beauty in the Dirt!

Skyler Richardson, Owner, SkyGardens



Season Three | Spirit of West Texas

Season Three continues to tell the untold stories of the dreams, successes, challenges and legacies of a few of our favorite friends and neighbors. Each episode, we’ll explore the people that embody the never-say-never, get-the-job-done spirit that shines through everywhere you look in West Texas. We’re getting people talking, so listen in. We hope you’ll learn something and have a little fun along the way.

Host: Amy Punchard, Co-Host: Jared May