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Season 4, Episode 4: What’s the buzz all about?

Season 4, Episode 4: What’s the buzz all about?

Season four | Episode 4

What’s the buzz all about?

George & Paige Nester
Creek House Honey Farms

When Paige and George Nester began a fun project growing pumpkins with their children they never dreamed of where the journey would lead them. What started as a couple of bee hives to pollinate the pumpkins soon grew into several highly successful businesses, Creek House Honey Farm and Honey Buzz Winery and Events Center. Although based in Canyon, Texas, now you can find their bee-centric lip balm and skincare products sold by retailers throughout the country.

In this episode, you’ll hear the Nesters talk about the triumphs and failures of caring for one of the most important contributors to the world’s ecosystem as well as the definition of mead and the trials of the lowly male bee. Amy says this episode is “unBEElievable”! Bad puns aside (very bad) we think this inspiring interview about the hard work, vision and entrepreneurship of the Nesters is hard to BEEt.

Spirit of West Texas

Season 4, Episode 4: What’s the buzz all about?



Season Four | Spirit of West Texas

Hard to believe we’re rolling out our 4th season! It’s amazing how many wonderful people with remarkable stories there are in West Texas. Listen in!

Host: Amy Punchard, Co-Host: Jared May