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First United Bank Brings TellerChat to Amarillo

First United Bank Brings TellerChat to Amarillo
TellerChat Open First United Bank is proud to introduce TellerChat, Interactive Teller Machines to the Amarillo community. Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) look like a traditional ATM, however, customers can have a real time, face-to-face conversation with a teller at the machine from the safety of their car. On June 1, customers can begin using TellerChat to perform self-service transactions or request assistance by a LIVE personal teller via video—right from their car. The TellerChat technology will help reduce customer wait times, provide a safe and convenient way to conduct a broad range of transactions, and extend the weekday and weekend hours during which First United Bank customers are able to speak with a LIVE personal teller. TellerChat tellers are available during the following hours: Monday – Friday:  7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Saturday:  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM The Amarillo Colonies Banking Center (4501 First United Bank Parkway) will have two TellerChat ITMs available and the Amarillo Tradewind Banking Center (1900 SE 34th Ave, STE 100) will have one. Both Banking Centers will continue to have traditional drive thru teller lanes available. “We are thankful to be a part of the Amarillo community and we are excited to be able to provide our customers with a safe and convenient way to bank with us,” said Amarillo Market President, Scott Bentley. “Our team is excited to introduce another way to make every day transactions more efficient for our customers.” The TellerChat technology uses cameras to transmit video between a teller located in the Bank’s Operations Center in Lubbock, and the customer, all in real time. The LIVE teller will guide customers though every step of a transaction and answer questions about personal accounts. In addition to performing the traditional functions of an ATM, TellerChat can perform the following transactions:
  • Deposit cash or checks
  • Withdraw funds
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Cash checks to the penny
Cash is dispensed in $1, $5, $20 and $100 denominations. The video tellers are able to perform 95% of all transactions handled by a traditional teller. TellerChat has the ability to securely verify a customer’s identity with a photo ID scanner and encrypted PIN pad; this eliminates the need for a debit or ATM card. For more information about TellerChat please visit: