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If it’s .BANK, It’s Us

If it’s .BANK, It’s Us

In June 2019, www.FirstUnited.NET will change to www.FirstUnited.BANK.


Online security is something we take very seriously—especially when it comes to our customers. Some of the reasons we’re switching to the .BANK domain:
  • Only banks can have this domain (similar to .GOV for government entities or .EDU for educational institutions)
  • Phishing attacks are the source of most security breaches and will only increase
  • The .BANK domain helps prevent customers from accidentally clicking through to a fake First United Bank website
Starting June 2019, our web address will be www.FirstUnited.BANK. This means that when you see www.FirstUnited.BANK in your browser, you can be certain you are on the actual First United Bank website.

“If it’s .BANK, it’s us.”

Fraudsters have become skilled at creating convincing replications of bank websites using common domains such as .COM or .NET with the intent of collecting sensitive information for use in financial crimes, identity theft and breaches.  A .BANK domain allows us to operate in a secure, online gated community of banks and gives our customers a visual cue that is easily identified.

What do you need to do?

First, train yourself to look for .BANK in your browser to ensure you are on the actual First United Bank website. Second, while the migration to the new domain will be seamless, we strongly recommend you set up a new bookmark for the .Bank’s homepage and online banking login. We will temporarily redirect our old address, to the new address, for a brief transition period.  But, it is important for YOUR security that you begin looking for and using the .BANK domain. Remember, “If it’s .BANK, it’s us.”