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Kylie Hiner Memorial Park

Kylie Hiner Memorial Park

Kylie Hiner Memorial Park in Canyon, TX

We are honored to support the Kylie Hiner Memorial Park in Canyon, TX. This 9,095 square-foot all-inclusive park will provide playground equipment for children of abilities. The park will include picnic tables, shades and equipment built specifically for children and adults with special needs.

Kylie was a wonderful friend to the Canyon community; she brought joy to everyone she met.  Construction has begun for the park in her honor, and we cannot wait to see its completion in 2023. Kylie’s joyous spirit has created a lasting legacy in our community.

Special notes from our own STARS involved in the project:

Gianni Amato, SVP/Lending:

Having this playground in Canyon will bring families from various communities to enjoy it.  I know for our family; it will be visited often.  Our son, Cooper, is 8 years old and is non-verbal, Autistic.  His best friend is his five-year-old sister, Giada. They both enjoy playgrounds.

Being a parent of a special needs child is both challenging and rewarding.  At times, it’s difficult to find that “thing” Cooper needs to help calm him down and fulfill his sensory needs.  This playground will be just what Cooper needs along with many other kids and their families.  My wife, Melissa and I can’t wait for the completion of the park.

Another important aspect of this playground is not just for kids but for parents.  There will be equipment incorporated into this playground for parents or caretakers that are physically impaired that will allow them to play alongside their kids.

I’m so proud that First United Bank chose to be a part of this project in Canyon.

Gary Hinders, SVP/Lending:

The Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground is a tribute to a young lady who had a passion for life and was well known in the Canyon community for her sense of humor and the jokes she used to tell. She never met a stranger and enjoyed visiting with people at community events. Kylie did deal with Autism, but she was energetic and loved playgrounds. She would have loved this new playground that will be facilitated for children of all different physical abilities.

For more information about the Kylie Hiner Memorial Park and how to contribute click here.