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Agricultural Loans

Ag Lending

We Know Ag Lending.

In Texas, Ag lending is a big deal. It certainly is to us: We’re one of the largest Preferred FSA and overall Ag lenders in the Lone Star state. But our roots are right here in West Texas and we’ve been helping farmers and ranchers in this area keep their operations successful since 1907. In fact, some of our Bank Directors have Ag businesses of their own, so we don’t just talk the talk—we understand your unique needs. Agribusiness can be tough going, so when it’s time to get a loan for anything from crop diversification to equipment to land purchasing, wouldn’t it be nice to borrow from a bank that knows first-hand what you’re dealing with? Call or stop by a local Banking Center to chat with one of our knowledgeable Ag lenders. We’ll listen.

Contact an Expert to borrow from a bank that knows first-hand what you’re dealing with.

Crop Diversification

We have experience in virtually every crop grown on the South Plains including cotton, corn, milo, peanuts, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat, and an array of fruits and vegetables. Let us help your farm flourish with a farm loan to help you diversify your crops and reap a bountiful harvest.

Equipment Lending

Our ranch loan lenders understand the implement and technological needs of agricultural business borrowers today. We have taken a lead role in the widespread usage of pivot sprinklers in an effort to conserve our water and improve the efficiencies of our farmers.

Livestock Lending

Headquartered in Castro County, Texas, a county well known for its extensive cattle feeding operations and ranch lands; First United Bank takes great pride in its role in developing and supporting the livestock industry by being a provider of livestock loans and ranch loans for those looking to expand their herd.

Government Programs

Knowledge of all governmental programs is essential to competing in the agricultural arena today. We have become a leading agricultural loan lender able to utilize all governmental programs available to help you find the farm or ranch loan that you need. Additionally, we are recognized as being one of the largest FSA lenders in the entire State of Texas.