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At First United Bank, we have come to believe in teaching students not only about the fundamental principles of financial literacy, but in the value of having an entrepreneurial spirit and the role the community bank plays in helping those who work hard and dream big, achieve success.

In conjunction with our support of the Lubbock Lemonade Day, we created our 5 STAR University Kids Financial Literacy Presentation and over the past six years, our First United Bank team has LOVED sharing it with 3rd Grade students across West Texas. Although we miss seeing your students smiling faces in our Bank facilities, we are happy to share this presentation with you in this format for 2021. We look forward to having students back in our Bank again next year!

In addition to the downloadable content above, each participating teacher should receive:

  • 20 “gold” coins to use in the presentation
  • 1 calculator to use in the presentation
  • CEO stickers for one student per presentation
  • Goodie bags for each student

Share your photos with us! We’d love to see your pictures from the presentation. You can eMail us at

The following is an outline of the main topics covered throughout the presentation:

    • Common terms used in banking:
      • Checking Account
      • Savings Account
      • Deposit
      • Interest
      • Loan
    • The idea that banks are a good place to keep your money safe
    • Reasons why people need to borrow money from banks
    • The importance of banks in our community
    • Where and when the First Bank of the United States was established
    • Why Banks were first established
    • The role of George Washington in establishing the first official bank
    • Money as the currency of exchange in the United States
    • The concept of bartering as the first form of currency
    • The role of the United States Treasury today
    • A closer look at the dollar bill, why it’s so special and how it’s difficult to replicate
    • Ways in which we receive money
    • A group brainstorm about ways KIDS can earn their own money
    • The definition of an Entrepreneur
    • A closer look at some popular entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Walt Disney
    • The concept of earning a profit: SALES-EXPENSES=PROFIT

    The facilitator will guide the students through the steps necessary to start their own Lemonade Stand. These steps include:

    • Naming and promoting your business
    • Establishing a budget
    • Purchasing supplies
    • Determining a reasonable cost-per-cup
    • Equity
    • Obtaining a loan from a Bank
    • Determining a sales goal
    • Smart ways to spend some of your profit
    • Good reasons for saving a portion of your profit
    • The importance of sharing some of your profit with others