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Photography by Cal Farley’s Kids on Tour in Amarillo

Photography by Cal Farley’s Kids on Tour in Amarillo
Cal Farley
AMARILLO, Texas – First United Bank is proud to partner with the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch to present Capturing the Spirit of West Texas, a collection of work from the photography students at Cal Farley’s. This extremely close‐knit group of seven students meets every Thursday evening to explore the art of photography and develop the skills needed to excel in their craft. The exhibit is comprised of seven photographs that capture the Spirit of West Texas as it’s seen through the eyes of these students. The seven pieces will tour local businesses around Amarillo for the next nine months. Capturing the Spirit of West Texas is currently on display in the lobby of the First United Bank, Amarillo Colonies Banking Center at One First United Bank Parkway through the end of February. The students spent the fall 2014 semester working to capture the perfect photo to donate to the exhibit knowing that their hardwork would payoff. The pieces will be auctioned off individually at the end of the tour in October with all proceeds directly benefitting the children of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. First United Bank Executive Vice President Rodney Ruth art is the first Cal Farley’s alumnus to serve as president of the Cal Farley’s board of directors. Ruthart has worked closely with the Cal Farley’s kids for years in support of the Rodeo and adventureFEST. He is excited to work on a project that promotes a different aspect of the Cal Farley’s program. “This project was developed to spotlight the talents of young photographers from with in the Cal Farley’s program,” Ruthart said. “While their photographs are often. used for brochures, donor mailings and other internal documents, this is the first time the students’ work will be displayed outside of the  Boys Ranch.” Each student takes close to 200 photographs throughout the school year. Under the leadership of long‐time home life manager, Randy Neill, the students are learning how to use natural and staged artificial lighting to enhance their photographs as well as the specific mechanics of how a camera operates. “The club has made me realize that this doesn’t just have to be a club, it could be a job. If I work hard enough, it could become my future,” Lexi, a photography club student, said.