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Sharing the Spirit of West Texas by Shopping Locally this Christmas

Sharing the Spirit of West Texas by Shopping Locally this Christmas
Shop Local This Christmas If you’ve purchased anything online in the recent weeks you’ve likely experienced production and shipping delays. These delays, combined with the high demand of the Christmas shopping season, mean that if you haven’t already placed your online order, you might not have it by December 25th. But don’t worry! There are plenty of gifts that don’t have to be ordered from afar. Shopping locally is good for your community’s economy and supports job growth right where you live! Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas you can find right in your own community.
  • Clothing from a local boutique or gift from a local gift shop.
  • Flowers or potted plants from a nursery or florist.
  • Gift card for a salon service at your favorite hair or nail salon.
  • Gift card to a locally owned restaurant or coffee shop.
  • Treats from a local bakery or a honey ham from a local deli or butcher shop.
  • The gift of an experience, like a gift certificate to visit a local museum or science spectrum.
If you’re like us, you LOVE your community. We hope you’ll join us in doing your part to support your local economy and small business owners by shopping locally. Taking care of our own, promoting the talents of our neighbors and supporting the dreams of local business owners… that is The Spirit of West Texas.