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Spring Clean & Secure

Spring Clean & Secure
Spring Clean and Secure Spring has officially begun and as you begin your spring cleaning at home, you should consider doing a bit of tidying up in your office or place of work, also. By following these proactive tips to declutter, get organized and establish good practices, you can safeguard your business against disruptive issues and keep your business and your customers safe. Get started by initiating the following tips:
  • Secure Your Login Information: Security is critical to protecting sensitive data. Ensure that passphrases are lengthy, unique and safely stored (not on a sticky note on your desk!) Additionally, you can strengthen your accounts by adding in two-step authentication, which adds another layer of protection.
  • Keep Your Systems and Software Up to Date: Installing the latest updates to your security software, web browser, and operating system as soon as they become available is one of the best ways to keep your business’ information secure. Even if it takes a minute or two out of your day, it’s worth it!
  • Back It Up: “The Cloud” may not make much sense to you, but even so, be sure to back up your files. If using an external hard drive is more comfortable for you, that works great! You can protect your workplace data by making backups of your most important files. Establish a schedule to keep your data backed up and protected regularly. We advise backing up once a week.
  • Keep a Clean Machine – Delete software and apps that are no longer of use to your business. These take up space and could pose a security risk if they are not kept up to date. While you’re at it, you should unsubscribe from newsletters, ads and eMail alerts you no longer find useful.
  • Clear Out Old Equipment: If you have a stash of old devices – even if they’re in a locked storage area – personal information still exists and is at risk to be stolen. Completely wipe and/or destroy unneeded hard drives as soon as possible.
There are lots of great things about spring—warmer temperatures, more daylight hours, flowers are in bloom… And now you’ll be able to add a safe, tidy workplace to the list! Happy Spring Cleaning!