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Stay Secure During Increased Cyber Attacks

Stay Secure During Increased Cyber Attacks
Stay Secure During Increased Cyber Attacks Following the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, cyber-attacks have increased. While most attacks typically target Ukrainian government, financial entities and those doing business within the country, increased attacks will likely lead to an impact on computer systems across the globe. It’s always important to be vigilant in the protection of your accounts and devices, but the turmoil in Ukraine makes it especially vital to the safety and security of your personal information. Here are a few tips to remember:
  • Turn on multifactor authentication
    • Use multifactor authentication on all your accounts for extra protection. This means when you sign in to your account you will be asked to verify your identity though a text, eMail, fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Use strong, unique passwords
    • Use strong, complex passwords and don’t reuse them. Change your password periodically and NEVER write your password down.
  • Don’t believe everything online
    • Bad actors will be working to spread fear and doubt to influence people to make bad decisions regarding their online safety.
  • Think Before You Click
    • Always assess every eMail you receive before opening attachments or clicking a link. Remember to look for typos and make sure you recognize the eMail’s sender.
You are your own best defense against the misuse of your personal information, but as your financial partner, we’ve got your back. For more information, visit