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Fraud Text Alerts from First United Bank

Fraud Text Alerts from First United Bank
Text Alerts Fraud Text Alerts are now available to all First United Bank customers. This means that you will now receive a text message alert if there is potential fraud activity on any of your First United Bank accounts. Here are a few things you should know about these alerts:
  • You are automatically notified of potential fraud activity on your accounts by text message. If you do not respond to the text, either because we don’t have a valid cell phone number for you or because you do not wish to receive Text Alerts, the notification process will continue with the next available communication channel—voice call or eMail.
  • Text messages will come from the number 37-268. You can respond to the text message confirming or denying the purchase in question. Additional text messages may be sent to ensure your account is safe and transactions are processed correctly.
  • You can call our Customer Service team (855-382-7827) to ask questions about Fraud Text Alerts or to update your contact information.
  • The primary phone number on your account must be able to receive text messages for this alert system to work. Please contact us to update your contact information, if needed.
Fraud Text Alerts are another step we are taking to protect you and your accounts as we strive to provide you with the Ultimate Customer Experience.