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Hey Stan – We Will Never Contact You By …

Hey Stan – We Will Never Contact You By …
First United Bank will never contact you and ask for personal information by text, email, or an unsolicited phone call. This includes unsolicited calls that ask you to obtain or provide a one-time passcode. Fraudsters make their messages sound urgent, or seem familiar, and in some cases even use some of your personal information. However, scams are often poorly worded and contain errors. Remember these tips to protect yourself:
  • eMail – Watch for fake eMail addresses—even if the sender seems familiar. Always double check that the eMail address doesn’t have an extra letter, number in place of a letter or a misspelled word.  Never open links or attachments in eMails you don’t fully trust.
  • Text messages – Be suspicious of texts from outside your saved contacts. Don’t open any links or provide personal or account information.
  • Mobile apps/social media – It may seem like a message from a real person, but strange links or requests for money are signs it could be a scam or a friend’s account has been compromised.
  • Phone calls- Scammers can mimic local area codes to encourage you to answer. If you don’t recognize the number, think twice before picking up.
Always remember, First United Bank will never ask for your personal information through an unsolicited eMail, phone call or text message. Fraud is becoming more and more common, and it can happen to anyone! Learn more about how to protect yourself by visiting our Security Center. we will never contact you by email we will never contact you by social we will never contact you by text