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Tips for Putting Your Home on the Market

Tips for Putting Your Home on the Market
Making the decision to finally bite the bullet and put your home on the market can be a scary one! On top of the sadness you may feel when leaving a home that you’ve made so many memories in, you also have lots of factors to consider to make sure your home will sell. Here are our top five tips for those listing their home for sale:
  1. Don’t underestimate the impact of first impressions. Curb appeal has a huge impact on a potential buyer’s likelihood of making an offer on your home. A well-maintained exterior implies a well-maintained interior. It’s like the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!” Pro-tip: Trim trees, lay fresh mulch, wash walkways/patios and replace lightbulbs before listing your home.
  1. Post plenty of listing photos. With today’s technology everyone shops online before buying—and this applies to homes, too. When you post your home online, make sure to include photos of every room in your house, plus detail shots. This gives potential buyers a good feel for the home. Pro-tip: Hire a professional photographer to get these shots for your listing. It’s worth it!
  1. Complete those repairs you’ve been putting off. Potential buyers will notice all those repairs you’ve been putting off (and probably forgot about). These minor fixes could be seen as major flaws to a potential buyer and may lessen your chances of selling. You’ll also avoid going back and forth with a potential buyer over these repairs down the line. Pro-tip: Have a friend come by to look over your home and make a list of obvious repairs needed. A fresh set of eyes will notice things that you’ve forgotten.
  1. DECLUTTER! Potential buyers need to be able to see the potential in your home! Packed closets, full rooms, and excessive decorations or furniture may keep people from being able to picture themselves making your house their home. Pro-tip: Go through your closets and cabinets and get rid of clothing and items you don’t need or use anymore. If a room has too many pieces of furniture, put a few pieces in storage while you’re trying to sell you house. It’s also wise to remove family photos and any personalized décor.
  1. Price your home competitively. In today’s seller’s market, it’s tempting to inflate the listing price of your home. However, take the advice of your realtor and set a fair price based on recent data. Strategic pricing will draw more buyers and potentially drive up the price naturally. Pro-tip: Find a realtor you trust! ‘For Sale by Owner’ is tempting to avoid paying commission, but the advice of a realtor is extremely beneficial. They’re experts!
After you’ve heeded the advice above, your next step will likely be to find the next home where you can make lasting memories! Our team of lenders at Spirit Mortgage are ready to guide you through each step of making your dream home a reality. Get prequalified today at