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Money Talks: Sophia Amoruso

Money Talks: Sophia Amoruso

Money looks better in the Bank than on your feet. - Sophia Amoruso

“Money looks better in the Bank than on your feet.” – Sophia Amoruso

While Carrie Bradshaw may not agree, Sophia Amoruso’s advice is sound. It can be easy to fall victim to the countless ads following you day in and day out. Digital ads, commercials and even billboards are all designed to grab your attention and say, “BUY ME!” But that’s not always in your best interest. One way of keeping yourself out of the impulse buying trap is to practice the “30-Day Rule.” If you’re browsing Instagram and see an ad for a new pair of sunglasses or walking through the mall and hear a new pair of shoes calling your name, STOP. Log off or leave the store. Take the money you would have spent and transfer it into your savings account. Wait 30 days and revisit the purchase again. If you still want the shoes, buy them. If not, you’ve saved a few bucks. Regardless, the 30-Day Rule will help transition your mindset from spending to saving.

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