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Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management Services

What is treasury management and why do i need it?

Treasury Management
In a nutshell, Treasury Management is a series of technologies, procedures and policies to better manage cash and other financial assets. The goal is to optimize liquidity—profit does not necessarily equal cashflow—and minimize financial, operational and reputational risk. Our team of experts has assembled a collection of tools that when implemented, will provide a whole new level of perspective and control. Bottom line, we’re offering you something that comes at a premium when you’re running a business: peace of mind. Let us handle the financial aspects of your business so you can focus on the vision.

Business financial management tools built for you.

Check Reader

eDeposit Merchant Capture

We’d love to see you in person, but we understand that’s not always feasible. eDeposit Merchant Capture allows your team to quickly scan and deposit checks directly into your First United Bank account before 5:00 p.m.

Check Payment

Positive Pay

Save time and money by protecting your company against potential check fraud with First United Bank’s Positive Pay. Positive Pay gives you complete control over check payment by preventing unauthorized checks from posting to your account.

Card Reader

Merchant Card Services

We are proud to partner with Fitech Payments to offer the latest technology so you can accept various payment types, including chip cards, contactless payments and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay® and Android Pay™.

Cash Management

Cash Management Services

First United Bank offers a robust menu of Cash Management Services designed to help improve cash flow and simplify your accounting. Our secure online banking portal will give your team access to products and services that will make managing your cash flow more efficient. Cash Management is fully customizable allowing you to set user controls and move money as needed. It’s available anytime, anywhere from a PC or mobile device.